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Joan M. Fund is a highly regarded trial attorney.  Her strongly held belief to right wrongs; overcome injustice and challenge law enforcement and the government has earned her reputation as a zealous advocate.  She has successfully handled complex and hard fought cases representing hundreds of litigants.

Some of her cases include:

First Degree Murder (Joint Venture) – Not Guilty

First Degree Murder – Dismissed

First Degree Murder – Not Guilty

Rape of Child by Force & Indecent A & B – Not Guilty

Aggravated Rape – Dismissed

Distribution of Class B w/ intent; School Zone – Dismissed

Medical Malpractice – Not Liable

Trafficking  – Dismissed

Armed Assault with Intent to Murder – Not Guilty

Armed Career Criminal – Not Guilty

Assault & Battery – Not Guilty

Resisting Arrest; Assault & Battery – Not Guilty

These cases are a few examples of why Attorney Fund has the reputation for zealously defending her clients. Because of her skills many clients are acquitted or never even charged or receive lesser sentences.   

Ms. Fund is committed to  the needs of her diverse clientele and she seeks to provide quality representation to clients whether wealthy individuals or poor. Attorney Fund is strongly committed to those who need it the most.

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