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May 25, 2016

Attorney Fund has been recognized as a dedicated lawyer with extensive trial experience battling the opposition. Some of those battles include:

WickedLocal: Rhoden’s defense attorney, Joan Fund, discounted the credibility of Kevin Bates as a witness for the prosecution.Referring to the oath of sworn testimony in court to tell the “whole truth, and nothing but the truth,” Fund dismissed any notion that Bates should be taken at his word. That oath means nothing to him,” she said, adding that “the better he performs the better the (sentencing reduction) deal will be.”

Telegram & Gazette: “In a nine-page decision issued last month, Judge Richard T. Tucker allowed a motion filed by Mr. Rivera’s lawyer, Joan M. Fund, seeking dismissal of the murder indictment against him.” First Degree Murder – dismissed.

Telegram & Gazette: “A Superior Court jury found Shane M. Spencer not guilty in the murder of Luis A. Arocho-Ortiz Wednesday. Assistant District Attorney Lisa Casella had witnesses testify that Mr. Spencer was the shooter, but Ms. Fund argued those witnesses lied to cover themselves.” First Degree Murder – Not Guilty

Telegram & Gazette: “Not guilty finding in Worcester shootout. Sitting in the courtroom next to his lawyer, Joan M. Fund, Mr. Gonzalez rested his head on the defense table after the last of the not-guilty verdicts was announced. He was released from custody as a result of the acquittals.” Armed Assault with Intent to Murder – Not Guilty (6 counts)

The Enterprise: “Jury Finds Anthony Russ Not Guilty in Sellers Murder Case. Mr. Russ, 22, of Hyannis and his supporters in the courtroom reacted ebulliently as the jury’s forewoman replied “not guilty” to the jury’s finding on the charge of second-degree murder in the death of Jacques Sellers.” Second Degree Murder – Not Guilty.

Herald News: “Defense grills trooper, medical examiner on quality of Taunton murder investigation.””

Boston Herald: Attorney Joan Fund challenged the prosecution’s contention that her client, Jessica Silveira, a New Bedford mother of two, knew Jayla was being harmed and hid the abuse from cops and social workers.”

Boston Globe: “But Chiaraluce’s lawyer, Joan Fund of New Bedford, told Judge Thomas Horgan the charge against the computer technician was “outrageous.” Aggravated Rape – dismissed.

Channel 10: “But Barreto’s attorney claims her client …didn’t start the violence. Joan Fund argued that Barreto was supposed to meet one man, but instead wound up in a car with three — fearing for his safety. “The car stops. He gets out of the car, and that is when he is attacked,” Fund said. “He is attacked. He is choked. He is thrown to the ground. While he is being held down, he is being kicked repeatedly. He is being beaten. He hears something fall to the ground. He basically grabs it blindly because he is in fear for his life and he swings.” First Degree Murder – Dismissed.

South Coast Today:”I was given the opportunity to work alongside Joan Fund, who is a truly talented trial lawyer, and I wasn’t going to let it pass by.” Gerald T. FitzGerald, former First Assistant Attorney General; former Chief Trial Counsel Bristol County District Attorney’s Office, former campaign spokesman Michael Dukakis, former managing editor Standard Times.

Herald News: “We had Bill McKibben and Jim Hansen and other experts ready to testify and a team of topnotch lawyers led by Matt Pawa and Joan Fund – working at no charge – set to present a first-ever climate necessity defense.” Ken Ward, Lobster Boat Blockade.

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